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Tanya, the daughter of immigrants from Croatia and Malta, was born in Canada, and raised in Etobicoke. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, she worked in Mississauga as a manager for a private construction company and, until just recently, Tanya lived with her husband and four children in Mississauga Centre.

She has been active for over 20 years in the PC party and federal Conservative party. Through her work at the United Nations and with various not-for-profit organizations in Canada, including Campaign Life Coalition, Tanya understands how to effectively advocate, build a team, and bring together people of different backgrounds and cultures. This experience will help her to be an effective candidate and MPP for Mississauga Centre.

Tanya’s work as head of a parental rights group, Parents as First Educators (PAFE), has proven her as an advocate for families and parents and children. Tanya represents the values of the people of Mississauga Centre. 

Tanya Granic Allen has been a great defender of life and family issues, and an outspoken advocate for parents’ rights in education. I have every confidence in her ability to lead Ontario.‎

Jim Hughes

National President, Campaign Life Coalition

I am happy to be endorsing Tanya Granic Allen for Mississauga Centre nomination. Tanya has demonstrated that she has the energy and ability to inspire thousands of parents, families, and youth from diverse backgrounds. She is the best choice to represent Mississauga Centre at Queen’s Park.

Tim Iqbal

Community Leader & Entrepreneur

Tanya Granic Allen has been tireless in her efforts on the Sex Ed issue, but she has so much more to offer on other social policy issues such as the oppressive bubble zone legislation (Bill 163), the absence of robust conscience rights for Ontario doctors and health care workers (Bill 84), and other recent initiatives of the Ontario government now enacted into law. She has our full support.

Christian D. Elia, PhD

President, Catholic Civil Rights League

I heartily endorse my friend Tanya Granic Allen running for Leader of the Ontario PCs. Tanya is a strong voice against Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum & for free speech. She is pro-Life & a social conservative.

Brad Trost

MP for Saskatoon—University

A strong, clear voice for Mississauga Centre

Why Tanya’s running for Mississauga Centre, and what Doug Ford thinks about her.

Principled and courageous, Tanya will represent the taxpayers, parents and children of Mississauga Centre. Stand with Tanya if you believe in lower hydro rates, parental rights, saying “no” to Trudeau’s carbon tax, and standing-up for your beliefs.

Tanya Granic Allen is seeking the nomination in Mississauga Centre, the riding in which she lived with her husband and children.

Ripping up the Wynne government’s “fat contracts” with friends of the Liberal party will bring “immediate relief”, says Tanya Granic Allen… “that will bring instant relief to taxpayers and Mississaugans”.
“In Mississauga where our riding is home to a lot of new Canadians, especially on the education file, Canadians want us to deliver quality…parents are concerned with math scores. We have to make sure we’re improving our education…”

“The feisty 37-year-old, who talks with the energy of someone who just downed three triple espressos, said in an interview with CBC News Tuesday that she knew she’d have an impact on the PC leadership race, she just wasn’t sure how big.”

Highlights from the second debate

Granic Allen put in by far the feistiest performance of the hour-long televised event, taking shots at former leader Patrick Brown, calling out “corruption” in the PC party and showing no fear of jumping into any topic….Granic Allen made her presence felt throughout the hour…”I’m here to be a grassroots voice for… people who are opposed to the Kathleen Wynne sex-ed agenda, pro-lifers, free-speech advocates and other social conservatives,” declared Granic Allen as the debate began…She dismissed the federal carbon tax as a “cockamamie idea” hatched by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She said the PC party’s campaign platform, called the People’s Guarantee, “died the day Patrick Brown resigned.”

“We need to definitely say no to cap-and-trade and carbon tax. And if Justin Trudeau tries to force this on us, I’ll take him to court and I’ll fight him every step of the way. And if he so continues to, and we’re forced to adopt this carbon tax, I’ll tell you what we’ll do: we’ll take our current gas tax, we’ll change its name to carbon, and that will be the carbon tax…I say no to carbon tax.”

Freedom of speech is under attack. I’m using my voice in this leadership contest as a strong one that stands for free speech, and not political correctness. If I am leader of Ontario, I will ensure rigorous measures are in place to protect free speech in this province.

I’ll stop cap-and-trade, and take the federal carbon tax to court. Ontarians need tax relief, and not the burden of new taxation. Tanya outlines her plans to stop cap-and-trade, and take the federal carbon tax to court.

The Four ‘R’s of Sex-Ed: I will stand-up for parental rights and ensure that Wynne’s radical sex-ed is REPEAL, REVIEWED, REPLACED, and that parental right are RESPECTED.

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