Welcome, Pope Francis! Now pray for the haters. Mar19


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Welcome, Pope Francis! Now pray for the haters.

I was very happy to watch the live TV coverage of the conclave last week. I was equally happy to welcome Pope Francis who has charmed the world with his gentle smile and humble nature. However, it seems that not everyone in the world is rejoicing. The Pope hadn’t been installed yet and the haters had already come out of the woodwork. Big surprise!

There have been some grabby headlines this past week attacking Pope Francis’ past when he was a priest in Buenos Aires. There have also been headlines declaring that Pope Francis does not support gay marriage, adoption, abortion, contraception, women priests etc.

I cannot speak to the Pope’s time as a priest in Buenos Aires. However, it should come as absolutely no surprise that the Pope is not in support of gay marriage, gay adoption, abortion etc. No Pope would ever be elected who is in support of these things because, frankly, they are simply not in  keeping with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. In case you forgot, the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church so it’s a good idea he support what he represents. The Church will not budge on these issues. Not now, not ever.

So all of you haters out there, get over it and go pick on (or lobby) some other religion. I heard the Muslims just stoned another woman- go attack them. Leave the new Pope alone!