Vote for Life!

Election Day is a VERY important day for me; I get to cast a ballot and make my voice heard. I take my right to vote VERY seriously (see- I use the all caps to prove my point). Normally, I take a number of my children to vote with me so that they can appreciate how the process works, and see first-hand the importance I place on this simple task. So you can imagine how annoyed I am when I hear of people not voting, or casting ballots based on such trivialities like great

“Mommy- why did you put an X beside that one? Why not the others?” my child asks.

“Why? Because that person promised to stand up for the rights of all people in Canada, not just a few.”

Of course I’m talking about the rights of the unborn. The genetically distinct, little humans who have been denied basic human rights because many of our elected officials choose to ignore their existence. Yes- fundamental human rights are my line in the sand. You better believe it that when I go cast my ballot, I vote for my local candidate who will do the best job at advancing the cause for the unborn babies.

The right to life is the most fundamental right- if you are not alive, who cares about the other rights. Do mobility rights really matter if you’re dead? Who cares if you have freedom of expression if you’re not alive to express yourself? So fundamental is the right to life that it appears in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the US Declaration of Independence. (Interesting- none of these docs mention a right to marijuana, the right to universal child care, or the right to die. Yet somehow these are the golden calves of some candidates in this election.)Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has made it very clear that he will not allow anyone in his Liberal party to vote pro-life. So much for democracy! Perhaps he is just  carrying the abortion torch his father lit when the latter passed the infamous Omnibus bill in 1969 which decriminalized abortion, and started the full-on assault on the unborn (4 million babies dead). Thomas Mulcair is not interested in protecting democracy or human rights either, as the official NDP position is that of pro-abortion. And Harper? Well the Tories haven’t done much at all for the unborn (except for the unborn living in the third world.) However, the Conservative caucus does have a sizeable and active pro-life contingent, which is reassuring.

Just a reminder- we don’t actually vote for the PM directly, as many Canadians seem to forget. We vote for our local representative to be our voice in Ottawa. So control your urge to vote for the guy because he has the waviest hair. Control yourself when you feel mesmerized by a candidates perfectly coiffed beard. Vote for your local candidate who will best promote/protect the right to life.


So today when you vote remember, you aren’t voting for something trivial like prom king and queen, the rights of dolphins to swim freely, or for the trashiest trendiest Kardashian. When you cast your ballot tomorrow, vote for an issue of real importance. Vote for life!