The Veep at the March For Life!

Just writing that title makes me shiver.

This is the first time a sitting VP has addressed the March for Life in Washington. Some Presidents before have called in their greetings, or sent written message, but never has one attended.

I was at the March for Life in DC in 2000 just days after President George W. Bush was sworn in and had just reinstated the Mexico City Policy, just as President Trump did a few days ago. The enthusiasm of the crowd receiving Bush’s telephone greeting was electrifying.

Can you imagine how the crowd must have felt hearing VP Pence deliver his remarks in person? It must have been like Woodstock- only rather than promoting “free love” (which led to STDs, contraception, and abortion), this crowd was promoting life and real love- oh and putting an end to the killing of the unborn).

He closed his remarks with : “And be assured, be assured, that along with you we will not grow weary. We will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America for ourselves and our posterity.”

Oh and for all you haters out there who think Pence is being opportunistic, well he’s not. He’s marched in SEVERAL of these marches along the years. He’s a good man.