The toddlers and tiara culture Jan18


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The toddlers and tiara culture

What has happend to little girls? If you just stand on a busy city block you’ll see 2 year olds getting mani-pedis with their mom’s, toddlers dressed up in leather skirts with their midriffs bare, and kids in pleather boots and fishnet stockings. Perhaps you are OK with this, but for me, this strikes a nerve.

AndI think I’ve found the culprit.

I recently caught a few minutes of the infamous Toddlers & Tiaras show. Here’s what I heard:

“This is her Sex and the City outfit. She’s in Samantha mode. I’m ecstatic over the outfit. It does have some sheer in the midriff, but hopefully people will not be calling her ‘prosti-tot’ again.”
Mother of Paisley, age 3, prior to tot dancing to Lady Gaga which included a strip segment.

Can you all please re-read that quote. Prosti-tot. Really? Did a seemingly normal suburban mom just causually speak that sentence? Surely, she is an annomaly. Nope. All of the families and friends on this show are pretty much the same phenotype. You have the over-aggressive, insecure yet seemingly happy housewife; the weak and quiet father who never reigns in any of this maddness; the gay pageant consultant who is more like a cheerleader on crack; and perhaps a few siblings who are either just as nuts as their mother, or are dragged there against their will. But the main ring-leader here is definitely the mom.

Afterall someone has to take charge of all the aspects that go into making a toddler worthy of a tiara. Just check out Honey Boo Boo`s before and after pics:

[IMG](photo taken from

But it’s the mom who hires the spray tanner, the wig-maker and the consultants. It’s the mom who buys the flippers (false teeth), the stripper dresses, the false eyelashes, the mani-pedis. It’s the mom who gets the kids to consume the sugar packets, the Red Bull and the pixie stix so that their daughters can strut their stuff enthusiastically on stage.

Yes folks, here’s the culprit. The mom who not just allows, but leads the oversexualization of her very own daughter, as the father stands by idly. And what breaks my heart is that this is celebrated.

Since when is dressing up your toddler to look like a prostitute warrant praise? Why do moms have to go for mother-daughter pedicures just to spend time together. Why do parents think that forcing your child into a frilly tutu and getting her to dance provocatively on stage a good thing. And why are parents shocked when these little girls grow up to become teen moms and start sleeping around at age 13? (Oh, and in case you’ve been asleep under a rock, both of these behaviours are celebrated now as well.)

C’mon moms- get it together! Get some therapy for your insecurity instead of projecting it onto your little ones. Don’t lead your daughter down a path where she learns to see herself only as a performer and sexually objectify herself. Afterall, if your child is being called “prosti-tot”, don’t you think there may be a problem here?