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Teacher strikes

For those of you who have been alseep under a rock for the past several months, the Ontario public teacher’s union and the Liberal government have been locking horns over Bill 115 that passed legislature in Sept. So what’s so controversial about the bill?

-a two-year contract on teachers that includes a wage freeze
-a 50% reduction in educators’ sick days from 20 to 10
-ends teachers’ ability to bank unused sick days
-give education minister the power to enact back to work legislation withouth debate in the house

And why was this bill necessary? To reign in education spending and protect funds for the Liberals precious and expensive full-day day care, er, kindergarten program. (more on the latter in another post).

So now I am funding well-paid teachers so that they can hit the picket lines and essentially not do their job. And kids lose out on their education.

The problem here are the ridiculous unions. Get rid of them! This isn’t the industrial revolution with poor working conditions, child workers, and sweat shops. This is Canada! In 2012! If unions were fighting for bathroom breaks, I’d be with them. But they aren’t. They are figting for taxpayer funded sick days to be banked and then cashed out at retirement. Get out of here.

I could never be a unionized teacher. I’d sooner jump ship to a private school then sell my soul to the union. Or better yet, I’d cross the picket line and defy the walk-out order. After all, teachers are being paid to teach, not to make political statements.

Bottom line- scrap the unions and keep teachers in the classroom.