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Snuffing out democracy and the girls

Last week’s drama with MP Mark Warawa’s motion in the sub-committee and the House of Commons was truly eye-opening for a few reasons. Firstly, we witnessed for ourselves how desperate the governing party is to keep a tight grip on their MPs and how little regard it has for democracy. Secondly, we saw how little regard the Government and left-leaning ideologues have for the lives of the little girls who are aborted because they were just that- girls.

(taken from lifechoice.net.au)

Now onto the matter of sex-selected abortion. It’s outrageous. During my time at the United Nations a decade ago, this topic was discussed because of India and China’s obsession with aborting baby girls. Now it has finally come to the surface in Canada. In fairness, China’s obsession with aborting baby girls stems from their brutal one-child policy, which the UN has supported since 1978. Although Canada doesn’t have such a policy, we still have sex-selected abortion. According to an Abingdon Research poll, 27% of respondents believe this happens in their cultural community.

In case you didn’t know- I’m not for abortion. Whether a baby is aborted because she is a girl, has down syndrome, or is an unplanned pregnancy makes no difference to me. But in the current climate of “Because I’m a Girl” campaigns and female empowerment, I can understand the public outcry specifically against sex-selected abortion, or gendercide as it is infamously called. After all, according to an Environics poll, 92% of Canadians said they would like sex-selected discrimination against girls made illegal. So why can’t the governement allow a discussion on killing baby girls? What is it so afraid of? Oh right, the government doesn’t like that nasty abortion word.

And where is Rona Ambrose, the Canadian Minister of the Status of Women? Shouldn’t she be speaking up for the girls? Ambrose has wavered on this matter and stated she supports Cabinet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the Minister responsible for girls be standing up for all girls, not just some girls? Isn’t her portfolio niche enough without adding further encumbrances?

This has been another sad day for democracy. And all Because I’m a Girl.