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Ever since Al Gore came out with The Inconvenient Truth, green has become the new black, Eco is the new chic, and Ecoterrorists are strangely seen as Ghandis-not Bolsheviks.

It’s not good enough for Eco-nazis to eat up municipal budgets,and debate over what is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of trash and literally waste countless hours of taxpayer funded research, study, and debate. Now the enviro agenda is being driven in schools!

In various school boards in Ontario, for example, children are told to take home anything they bring in for lunch. Kids are sent home with half drunk juice boxes, half eaten sandwiches. Food is rotting away in kids’ backpacks because schools want to teach the kids to reduce? Newsflash- the kids are still producing the same amount of garbage as before. The difference now is that they are simply throwing it out in their parents’ garbage can and not the school’s. In the meantime hundreds of kids lunches are molding in lockers and backpacks across town.

Four year olds are now coming home with half drunk juice boxes spilled in their lunch bags. Half eaten crackers are thrown loosely into a six year old’s backpack. The school fundraising pizza day is a day where the school sends home school provided garbage with the kids (like paper plates and crusts from pizzas). This doesn’t make any sense.

But has society gone too far with the 3Rs (which are now 4Rs apparently)? Have we started to literally become sick of all this green action? You betchya!

Proper waste management and hygiene is a standard of health in society. Diseases like typhoid and cholera have for the most part been eradicated in the first world thanks in part to proper sanitation. Are we now headed back to those days?

Municipalities are banning plastic bags in favour of fabric bags so grocery shoppers can carry leaky meat products and spread salmonella to other food. Are the Al Gore proselytisers even aware that it takes 100 times more energy to produce a reusable fabric bag than a plastic, biodegradable one? Does that makes any sense? Or how about reusable toilet paper/wipes? Are we trying to emulate sanitation in India? Because the Ganges is the epitome of health?

Let’s stop sacrificing the physical health and welfare of our society for false environmental conservation.

And to all school administrators? Practice what you preach. Paper plates ARE recyclable, and pizza crusts ARE compostable. Stop sending them home with kids- these items are NOT for the garbage bin!