Prayers for a Peaceful Easter Mar29


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Prayers for a Peaceful Easter

“At Easter, Prepare for Disaster.” Those are the words of the Muslim Renewal, the group behind the assassination of Father Evarest Mushi.  According to news reports, this group is preparing to kill many more Christians, and burn churches and homes in East Africa. All of this violence at the holiest time of year for the soon-to-be victims.

For some Muslims, it is considered holy and good to wage jihad on the kafirs (war on the infidels). And what better time to attack Christians than during Easter, when they all gather to remember Christ’s death, and celebrate His resurrection. I wonder, do these Muslims believe they will receive a bigger reward for killing Christians during Easter? (An extra virgin, perhaps?)

After all, who can forget the Netanya massacre, where a Hamas-organized suicide bomber killed 30 and injured 140, all during the Passover Seder. Or the infamous Christmas Eve Massacre, where Coptic Christians were gunned down upon exiting the church after Christmas Eve Liturgy.

Several years ago, my family hosted a Catholic seminarian who was studying for the priesthood in Jerusalem. This young man gave his personal account of the intense rise in violence against the Jews during their high holidays, and the Christians during theirs. Rocks were hurled through the seminary windows, and the seminarians studied as threats of violence escalated.

As Christians gather for prayer during these next few days, let us pray for the those around the world whose lives are threatened just because of their beliefs. Also, let us pray for the Muslims who threatened to carry out these acts of violence; that they may have a change of heart, and show love instead of hate.