Pope Benedict XVI, Thank you! Feb28


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Pope Benedict XVI, Thank you!

Today, as Pope Benedict XVI formally abdicates the Seat of Peter, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I feel gratitude for Pope Benedict because he did such an amazing job shepherding us Catholics, and the whole world. He shared with us his quiet wisdom with encyclicals like Deus Caritas Est. He helped clean up the mess with the sex abuse scandals by imposing tighter protocols, firm consequences, and offering love and reconciliation to the victims. His Holiness reached out to the Muslims, the Orthodox, the Jews. He even welcomed back over one hundred Anglican Priests to the Church, married and all! He has done so many wonderful things to unite the Church and the world.

I recall the first pictures of him as Pope, and my being elated that it was Cardinal Ratzinger who was chosen. I liked his manner and I thought he would be great to fill Pope John Paul’s shoes. And speaking of shoes, how about his famous red shoes (and, no, contrary to popular belief they are not Prada! They are made by a Vatican cobbler).

I will miss seeing Pope Benedict in the news- I really will. However, the silver lining in all of this is that we will be blessed in having Pope Benedict dedicate the remainder of his life to praying for the entire world. How awesome is that?! So we get a new Pope shepherding us, and a Pope Emeritus constantly praying for us. What a deal!

So farewell Papa, and thank you, thank you, thank you!