March for Life 2015- Counter Protester Round-up!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time for my annual counter-protester photo round-up. This is where I get to be mean and make fun of the silly signs the pro-aborts design, and the ridiculous slogans written upon them. Let us begin!


Nothing too interesting here. Although I like how their signs appear to be behind bars, just like these ladies ought to be for promoting the killing of babies.


The one on the left isn’t very interesting, save for the smiley face beside “abortion”, because smiley faces should always accompany abortion. However, the sign on the right about using taxpayer dollars is nonsense because no one uses taxpayer dollars to be at the March for Life. In fact, it is this lady who supports using taxpayers’ dollars to fund battles- abortion is paid for by taxpayers! Also wrong use of the apostrophe here. Perhaps this lady ought to use “taxpayers’ $” and get a grammar lesson. And what’s with all the little stars at the bottom. Since when does abortion evoke emoticons on signs?


This woman is just too giddy to be advocating for abortion. Also, she seems to be “pro” everything. Again- what’s with the butterflies on the sign? Is this to soften the image of someone advocating the killing of babies? The other sign is boring. C’mon people, get creative!


giddy girl makes another appearance. But the sign beside her is new- how exciting! Family planning saves lives? How so? Women sometimes die from abortions, and babies always dis from abortions.



Not sure who this paparazzo is…anyhow, some more booooring signs. C’mon people!!


Yay! finally some men….er boys? I always love it when males come out to protest for abortion. I always wonder if they want abortion legal so that they can shirk their responsibilities as fathers. Anyhow, the sign on the left- actually…women are incubators of some sort. We grow people inside us. Perhaps this boy ought to stop protesting and ought to get back to his science class. Sign on the right- what’s with the heart with cupid’s arrow? Is this a leftover Valentine’s day card to his mom? Very strange…


Ooooh! love this one in the middle about the corpse. Very creative! Although I’m not sure this genius gets that an aborted baby is a corpse, so is this lady asking for pregnant women to have as much autonomy as aborted babies?


Again- what’s with all the stars and smiley faces. Woman- we’re talking about killing babies here- hardly an appropriate occasion for smiley faces. But do I really expect someone who advocates murder to be of sound mind? Nope.


Yay! A French sign. We are in a bilingual district after all. Sign is confusing though. Translated it reads “pro-women, children, choice, rights, freedom.” How can one be pro-freedom and children when we they are advocating their death? Je suis tres confuse!


What the heck is this?!? Oprah makes an appearance…and she’s doling out abortions? Well I suppose she sort of does. Anyone who pushes pro-abort POTUS Barack Obama that much must really wants to dole out abortion. Props to this person’s sign though- they at least spent money on a colour photocopied picture.


I don’t get the politics between her legs sign. Isn’t that exactly what she is demanding?


Ok. Thanks for letting us know. I do like her skirt however. Floral prints are really in this season.


Ok. if you’re gonna make a sign- make it legible! who can read pink on pink?!?



Ah yes- the hammer and sickle makes an appearance. Because nothing says choice like Communism!



This lady makes it personal- and against the Knights of Columbus no less! Why should they be aborted? And isn’t she very kind to greet me with her middle finger. Oh those pro-aborts- always keeping it classy!


Love the spelling error on the sign on the left! Very professional. And have you ever seen two more disinterested women? Why bother showing up at all if you cant even show a little interest?

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed that. Oh, and if you’re the praying type, please keep ALL of these people in your prayers. Perhaps next year they will be marching with us instead!