Lena Dunham: Trick, Treat, or Just Plain Narcissistic?


“I’m going as something newsy, sexy, and cool: a Planned Parenthood doctor!” Photo courtesy of Lennyletter.com

I am continually stupefied at Lena Dunham’s pathetic attempts for attention and relevance (see here and here), especially during Hallowe’en. My consternation isn’t unfounded.

A few years ago, she made the odious suggestion to a couple of friends on Twitter that they dress up as Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, while she herself would dress up as Tammy, the murdered sister of this infamous serial killer couple of Canada. This Hallowe’en she will prove that with each passing year, her maturity level stagnates, regardless of how influential she is within pop culture.

This Hallowe’en, Lena Dunham has elected to dress up as- brace yourself- a Planned Parenthood doctor. Now, Ms. Dunham never did strike me as the most intelligent of ladies, however, if she stepped outside her insular, celebutante world for a second, she would realize that Planned Parenthood isn’t really popular any longer. Something to do with them getting caught discussing the sale of baby body parts, bragging about it, and then sipping pinot noir all within a few minutes.

However, Lena Dunham clearly feels compelled to promote and defend the business which participates in the black-market sale of baby parts. Of course, her judgment has always been questionable. Remember that whole sexual-experimentation-with-her-younger-sister thing? It’s in her book.

Anyhow, Lena claims that for Hallowe’en she wants to go “as something newsy, sexy, and cool”. So Lena, which Planned Parenthood doctor will you be? The one carrying fistfuls of cash, made from the sale of tiny babies’ hearts and describe them as “cute”.? Will you be the doctor working at the Planned Parenthood clinic which repeatedly fails to report suspected sexual abuse cases to the authorities? Or will you have the courage and be the Planned Parenthood doctor who decided not to kill anymore for a living, and is now pro-life? My hope is that Lena will mature and dress-up as the latter. Alas, I’m not holding my breath.

As Lena has stated, she wants “to be accepted and to WIN BIG!”, and for her that means dressing up as someone who kills someone small.

Bravo Ms. Dunham- you’ve kept your name in the headlines.