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Justin Trudeau: Method Acting on an International Stage?

Fresh from his Liberal Party of Canada leadership win, Justin Trudeau decided to make some of his first comments regarding international affairs be ones of empathy with terrorists. No, seriously; here’s what Le Dauphin had to say in the hours following the Boston Marathon bombings in an interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC.

Trudeau replied, after saying he would offer help and condolences, that “over the coming days” it would be necessary to “look at root causes.” He continued, “We don’t know if it was terrorism, or a single crazy, or a domestic issue or a foreign issue — all those questions. But there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society.” Trudeau finished by saying that it was important not to “marginalize people even further who already feel like they are enemies of society rather than people who have hope for the future.”

Root causes? Feels excluded? In the face of tragedy, Justin Trudeau believes it is important to avoid the inconvenience of innocent victims, and instead empathize with terrorists and their precious feelings. Who cares if the terrorist felt marginalized? I’d ordinarily intend that as a rhetorical question, but in this case, the answer is actually Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada leader! 

Trudeau is minimizing this tragedy as if this incident were a temper tantrum thrown by one of his kids or former students. “Oh poor child, he is obviously acting out. Why is he acting out? We must help identify the root causes!” The people who took a pressure cooker, intentionally filled it with nails, and detonated it injuring nearly two hundred and killing at least three, are not children; they are adults who made a series of decisions and took deliberate actions to harm and murder. By claiming that the perputrator feels “excluded” by society, Trudeau has put the blame squarely on the victims’ shoulders; victims like Martin Richards, the eight year-old who was eagerly waiting to give his father a hug at the finish line when the explosion occurred. Martin is now dead, and I’m pretty certain his father doesn’t give a damn if the terrorist who murdered his child felt excluded.

In making these utterly absurd comments, perhaps Justin felt compelled to draw upon his experience as a highschool drama teacher and TV movie actor and try method acting. I can just picture him now: “Hmmmm…now if I just blew up innocent people with a pressure-cooker nail bomb, how would I feel? What are the root causes for my feeling excluded?” Is this his reason for speaking and thinking this nonsense?

If Justin wants to help out he should show some empathy for the victims and stop the touchy-feely, hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya-with-the-terrorists nonsense. Afterall, this isn’t his wife`s yoga class.


Actual photo of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Justin Trudeau

Actual photo of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Justin Trudeau