Gay Lovers Terrorize School

Did any of you catch this news story on Friday? This has to be one of the most appalling things I’ve read all week. Considering the news week we’ve had, that is saying a lot. However, LifesiteNews never fails to cover the stories which other media outlets seldom touch. Thank God for them!

It is with great disgust and outrage that I comment on this news story. Here we have an Ontario Catholic School principal, Jacques Perron, who violated not only his office, but also betrayed the trust and conscience of each student within those school walls.

The stupidity starts with Mr. Perron hiring two of his gay lovers to work at the school. How is this possible?! Does the school board not have (or enforce) rules against hiring people with whom you’re sexually involved? Clearly not. Also, how is it possible to have TWO lovers? At the risk of diminishing the immorality of the situation, isn’t it reckless to have both your lovers working beside one another? I mean, what if they find out? Did jealous fights breakout in the staff lunchroom?

One of the lovers, Pierre Grondin, was hired to be a part-time custodian. Mr. Grodin’s list of sexual offences is long. According to the LifeSiteNews article, “Grondin exposed himself to male students in the classroom and in a hotel while on a school trip, sexually abused an intellectually-challenged male student several times a week for a number of years, and sexually abused two sisters while filming them.” Truly wrong, immoral, and illegal behavior. I hope this pervert is rotting in jail somewhere for this.

What is further disturbing, is that this reign of terror went on for several years with neither consequence nor action. Perron’s defense lawyer even admitted that the principal used “willful ignorance” to “overlook” the actions of his homosexual lover. Why was he so willfully ignorant? Was Mr. Perron desperate to have his lover with him at work that he felt he must protect him? Is Mr. Perron’s conscience so dead that he couldn’t event see black from white when his lover sexually abused his students? Or was Mr. Perron too busy sexually harassing, like when he asked a teacher returning from the bathroom if she had masturbated?

Staff at the school were terrified of Mr. Perron because he fostered a climate of intimidation, manipulation, retaliation, threats and criticism. Where was the upholding of Catholic teaching and beliefs? Allegedly the school was completely stripped of Catholic spirituality and replaced with…access to pornographic websites! (During Perron’s reign, religion classes were suspended and porn was accessible in the school)

Mr. Perron betrayed his students and his office the moment he decided to cover-up his lover’s sexual abuse of students. Mr. Perron hijacked a Catholic High School and imposed his sexually-charged agenda on to staff and students. Hundreds (if not thousands) of innocent students have been exposed to sexual abuse and tyranny. Where were the checks and balances from the school board? Why was an openly active homosexual allowed to be a principal of a Catholic school in the first place?

Oh, and what was the punishment for Mr. Perron? He loses his teaching license for 5 years. Only 5 Years! Talk about using a feather to swat a fly.

Need more salt for the wound? Perron has the gall to declare “I feel like a victim” and plans to appeal the decision.