Dawkins Playing God? Or Just Exposing Society’s Shameful Secret…

The first time I heard and read about Richard Dawkins, I knew that he was…well…deluded. Perhaps it was when I saw the film Expelled where I encountered the flaw in his thinking, and the arrogance in his delivery. Here’s the clip (around the 4 minute mark is where things get interesting).

Yesterday Dawkins took to Twitter and caused a firestorm. Newspapers, associations and individuals have come out swinging against Dawkins’ tweet. The Horror! How dare he tweet such an awful thing!

tanya allen

As callous as his comment was, I don’t understand the public shock. Is what Mr. Dawkins’ suggested so outrageous? Is aborting Down Syndrome babies really rare and shocking? The answer is NO.

If you look into the matter, you’ll note that research shows that worldwide, over 90% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. So if 9 out of 10 babies who are diagnosed are aborted, then why the public outcry? Isn’t Dawkins simply exposing the ugly truth, a truth which no one wants to hear? That society’s practice of killing the genetically different has been going on for decades and ought to continue, but only in secret, and not to be discussed?

Perhaps those critics of Dawkins’ tweet ought to put their anger into action and help pro-life organizations expose the brutality of our society and the abortion industry, where the practice of aborting Down Syndrome babies is profitable, expected and commonplace.

I’m happy that Dawkins waded into this discussion for he has now opened wide the debate on society’s dirty little secret- that like Hitler, we practice eugenics too. How disgusting is that?