Crowdfunding Murder

I never thought I’d have to write against crowdfunding murder. So you can just imagine the horror I felt as I read a news article  about a woman who is trying to fundraise for her abortion through the popular crowdfunding site Now, I’m certain that reading such an article as I nursed my newborn infant caused my reaction to be more visceral, however, this young woman’s determination to kill her unborn child struck several chords.

Bailey, the 23-year-old mother at the centre of this storm, claims the reason she needs this abortion is because she “is currently unemployed, completely broke, in debt, and in no position to hold down a job due to severe symptoms of a rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy.” Her funding page, which has now been pulled from the website (no idea why), also states that she “likes to read and go to shows, and really, really doesn’t want to be a mom.” Who knew that really, really not wanting to be a mom should be classified as an interest?


Bailey, courtesy of her GoFundMe page

Of course I empathize with Bailey’s “severe” symptoms as I suffer from brutal pregnancies myself. However, this is where a typical mom would go and seek medical attention and get some help. Did Bailey? According to her interview, no. She describes her pain as being so terrible that “when I cough, it feels like my organs being shredded inside of me.” Whoa! That sounds extremely serious. Shouldn’t she get that checked out? Her response is that she hasn’t really been to the doctor all that much, in the 19 or 20 weeks she has been with child.

Not only is this woman entirely irresponsible with the health of her unborn baby (seeing as she wants to kill her child and all), but she isn’t even responsible enough with her own health to seek medical intervention for what sounds like a serious problem with her pregnancy.

So instead of looking after her own health, Bailey is crowdfunding murder. How can this be legal? Would society be OK if people started crowdfunding lethal injections for inmates? How about if ISIS started crowdfunding for beheadings? Would that sit well with people? I highly doubt it.

I know that tax dollars pay for abortions, both in Canada and the United States,  so crowdfunding for one isn’t really all that different. Wait- yes it is! At least with crowd funding, a tax payer can opt-out of paying.