Croatia, Communists, and Sex-Ed Jun12


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Croatia, Communists, and Sex-Ed

For the past several months, I have been keeping a close eye on Croatia and the issue of sex education. Actually, sexual education was never an issue in Croatia, until the current government decided to make it an issue.

To fill you in, although I was born in Canada, I am of Croatian descent; this is where the “Granic” in my last name comes from. My father is a Croatian immigrant who came to Canada in the sixties as part of the Croatian Diaspora because life was brutal under the oppressive, Yugoslav communists.
Since I grew up during the time of the Balkan War, albeit very far away, I understood at a very young age concepts like genocide, ethnic-cleansing, and mass graves. I have several relatives who fought in the front-lines, some of whom died, including one who was blown up by stepping on a land mine. These men died fighting for freedom for their country, and a hope for a better future for their children.

In Croatia, being Croatian and being Catholic are synonymous; you destroy one, you destroy the other. Hence why part of the Serbian/Yugoslav Army strategy during the war was to destroy the Catholic Church and its Croatian followers. Growing up, I understood that priests were killed and nuns were raped simply because they were Catholic and Croatian. Dozens of Catholic churches in Croatia and Bosnia were destroyed by the Serbian Cetniks . The silver lining in all of this was that by the time the war ended, Croatia would once again be free and democratic and could celebrate its Catholic faith freely.

So, you can imagine my disgust when I started hearing about the Centre-Left (read ex-commie) Croatian government pushing radical, sexual-education in the country’s schools, a country whose population is 90% Catholic.  It’s hasn’t been twenty years since the war ended and clearly some of the commie allegiances die hard, if at all. After all, radical sex-education is very much contra Catholic Church teaching, so wouldn’t it be very communist to attack the Church from within the school system?

So, what is the impetus? Why must Croatia ram through this controversial sex-ed program? Are they feeling pressure from the EU which they will officially join on July 1, 2013? Is the EU forcing Croatia to liberalize its long-held values to be like the rest of its member-states? I wouldn’t be surprised. During my time monitoring meetings and lobbying at the UN, I saw first-hand how aspiring members of the EU are bullied into adopting liberal social policies. If the same is true, the Croatian government should assert the cultural sovereignty for which blood was shed, and not sell its soul to be accepted by the “prosperous” EU community.

Exactly what is so controversial about the sexual-education being forced upon Croatians? For starters, it is agenda driven and selective. It teaches masturbation, contraception, homosexuality, and doesn’t teach abstinence. All of this goes against Catholic Church teaching and long-held Croatian societal values. Keep in mind, Croatia received the green light from the Council of Europe for its abstinence-based sex-ed a few years back. After-all, abstinence is truly the best way to practice “safe-sex.” Also, there was zero parental consultation in the process; usurping parental right in the education of children will and should never be taken lightly. Furthermore, the program is Kinsey-based. Kinsey was an American researcher who conducted illegal sexual experimentation on several hundred young children, including infants as young as five months old. Kinsey hired several alleged pedophiles to molest children for his experiments. Kinsey-based sexual “education” programs are based on fraudulent findings, and therefore should never be accepted as legitimate. (God help the little children who were victimized by this sicko’s so-called research. Click on the white image. It is a sample record of this abuse, and is taken from Dr. Judith Reisman’s investigations into Kinsey’s activities.)

Dr. Aleksander Stulhofer, father of radical Croatian Sex-Ed Program

I am thrilled by the outcry against the government’s attempt to thwart the Church and parental rights. Parents across the country rallied together against this program. The Croatian Bishops voiced their opinions strongly and loudly. The esteemed Dr. Judith Reisman felt compelled to come to Croatia after respected Croatian journalist, Karoline Vidovic-Kristo, was fired for airing a segment exploring the Kinsey Institute and t’s namesakes’ method of research. Dr. Reisman, a child advocate and founder of the anti-Kinsey movement, sought to expose the perils of this radical sex-education. Interestingly, it was discovered that the head of the government commission which created the sex-ed program, was Dr. Aleksandar Stulhofer, who had completed his studies at the Kinsey Institute and had co-authored a book titled Sexuality and Gender in Post-Communist Eastern Europe and Russia. Post-communist? Dr. Stulhofer, you are still promoting communism in Europe!

Dr. Judith Reisman and Karolina Vidovic-Kristo

Thankfully, Croatian courts suspended the program because of constitutional loopholes and because the government failed to consult with the parents prior the programs introduction. I’m certain that the courts felt the heat from the enormous public outrage over this program. In what is seen as a parallel issue, pro-family activists in Croatia collected upwards of 710,000 signatures demanding a referendum to support the traditional definition of marriage. All that in a two-week period. Not too shabby for a country with a population of only 4.2 million. If only Catholics in Canada (with 10 times the population) could organize to the same-degree when the government tries to usurp Church teaching in the school system.

However, I’m still in shock that something like this is going on in Croatia. A country which just recently fought so hard and lost so many lives in the name of democracy and freedom seems now headed in the wrong direction, so soon. Will the Croatian people wake up and realize that their beloved country is being hijacked by communist ideologues? The blood has barely dried yet we are so quick to throw away our hard-fought ideals? What was all the blood shed for, if not to protect the Croatian culture and society, which is intertwined with Catholic beliefs? Wake-up Croatia! Guard your children from the secularists and teach your children your values. Don’t let the Communists back in. Even though we are thousands of miles away, the Diaspora stands united with you.

Bog i Hrvati!

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