Canada Drinks the Kool-Aid.

Living in Canada just got a lot chillier for me, and for millions of other who actually like life. It’s much colder up here now, because doctors are now both agents of healing, and agents of death, for today Canada passed physician-assisted suicide legislation. This is very disturbing.

Doctor Preps Needle.

Doctor Preps Needle.

As Canadians, we access a social healthcare system where dollars are stretched. I get it; the terminally ill cost the system money. Is this why the government thought it was a good idea to draft a law allowing physician-assisted suicide (PAS), vs. just invoke the notwithstanding clause on the Supreme Court Decision which ordered the government to draft a new law? So that the system won’t have to pay for the terminally ill’s palliative care? The 2010 government commissioned Carstairs Report on palliative care in Canada did find that 70% of Canadians don’t have access to palliative care. IS that why there’s a big push for PAS? Sure there’s always an extra buck or a million for abortion funding, or for sex-change operations, but God forbid you have a bunion, or you need the better cataract lens; you’ll have to pay for that.

Several weeks ago I attended a town hall meeting on PAS, where Rob Oliphant, the chair of the Parliamentary Committee was present, among others. Apart from the nonchalant way suicide was discussed, or the cavalier way in which concerns were addressed, one other incident struck a chord with me. One doctor took the mic and addressed the audience. She revealed that she is one of the few palliative care doctors who tries to help patients die. Yup. Even before it was legal. Anyhow, she was advocating for access to PAS for “mature minors” (kids under 18 who come across as mature). Later in the evening, in a private conversation with me, she referenced how she would like to help a patient of hers die, if the patient requested it. This patient is a girl, aged 12 or 13. This patient has been a client of hers for many years. I asked the doctor, how she could bring herself to kill a child, let alone one she has treated for so long? I asked what illness this child had which made it so important to allow “mature minors” access to a doctor who would help them commit suicide. The doctor responded with “depression.”

Yes, today Canada has passed “progressive” physician-assisted suicide legislation. I put the words “progressive” in quotes because I thought we all decided in the aftermath of Hitler that killing the terminally ill, the disabled, and the mentally ill was barbaric. I guess Canadians have drunk the Kool-Aid.