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Bullfrog or Bull****?

Nothing makes me happier than to receive a door-to-door fundraiser/marketer. And I truly mean that. I’m also pleased that previous owners of my home were environmentalists of some sort who gave donations to all sorts of fun organizations, many of whom now solicit the same from me.

I had the wonderful opportunity to receive Bullfrog Power to my door the other night. First off, I love their marketing. I’m a sucker for good marketing- with their cute little green frog and all. But what they market is not entirely true.

Bullfrog wants you to pay a premium for energy, and in turn they’ll use that money to produce more environmentally sustainable energy. Although they cannot feed this energy to your home specifically, you pay so that the green energy is produced and is offsetting your non-green energy usage.

Yay! Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

Well it shouldn’t. First off, provinces like Ontario produce more energy than the population need, and we sell our excess at a premium to the US. So when Bullfrog adds more power to the system, we are essentially just shipping it to the US, and selling it. Bullfrog makes money selling the energy to the government, also receives subsidy form producing the green energy, and then collects your cash to make it. What is that- a triple-dip?

Folks, this isn’t a make-the-world-a-greener-place program, this is a savvy business plan, like most silk-stockinged, environmental groups.

But heck, if it helps you sleep better…