Brotherhood of Hate

Me: How are you? Is your family in Egypt OK?
Coptic Friend: My cousin, his wife, and twin babies were brutally attacked last week by the Muslim Brotherhood who saw his wife getting out of the car to take the kids to the doctor. Her hair was uncovered and that’s how they realized she’s a Christian.
Me: Of course I’ll pray. This is inhumane.

Inhumane. Yes, that is the word I shall use to describe what is happening in Egypt because there is no humanity with what is going on over there. Over 50 churches destroyed. Hundreds killed. Thousands injured. By whom? The army? The government? Oh no, as news sources will report, it is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) who are carrying out the violence.

The remains of  the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Gizeh  from

I have written about the Coptic plight in Egypt before, and my heart goes out to all of these strong people who live their lives in daily fear of being killed because they are Christian. As a half-Croat, my ancestral countrymen can relate to the ethnic cleansing and religious persecution. So when I hear news reports of Churches being burned, or 10yr old Jessica Boulos being shot in the chest on her way home from Bible class, you bet I get fired up.

Muslim Brotherhood soldiers

I’m disgusted to think just a year ago Obama hailed this group as pro-democracy and moderate. Boy, did he get that one wrong! I’m certain even little Jessica Boulos knew better. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a moderate, pro-democratic organization. When their political leader/puppet Morsi was removed from office (after 22 million Muslim and Christian Egyptians demanded this), the MB responded by burning Churches and going on a killing spree. Like inhuman beings. Like savages.

So please, let’s call a spade a spade and see the Muslim Brotherhood for what it is: a hate group which seeks to ethnically cleanse any non-Muslims from Egypt.

Me: When will the hate stop?
Coptic Friend: They won’t stop until every last one of us is dead.