A President, a Hipster, and an Abortion Factory Walk into a Bar… Apr25


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A President, a Hipster, and an Abortion Factory Walk into a Bar…

Planned Parenthood of America (PPA) is hosting its annual Time for Care gala dinner tonight. Initially, PPA announced that President Obama was going to deliver the keynote speech- quelle surprise! In case you didn’t know, Obama is a staunch supporter of all things Planned Parenthood. However, it seems that Obama’s handler’s smartened up and realized that delivering a keynote address to a bunch of abortion crazed folks, while abortionist Gosnell is facing the death penalty for his trade, would probably look bad. Don’t worry; Obama is still giving a speech to PPA on the Friday morning. Perhaps his handlers didn’t smarten up very much after all.
President Barack Obama hugs Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, after she introduced the president at a campaign event where he spoke about choice facing women in the election rally. • Image: AP
Aside from delivered speeches, PPA will also present The Maggie Award for Media Excellence to Lena Dunham for her efforts in the area of…well, abortion. There was the fundraising, the Obama YouTube endorsement, oh and let’s not forget her vulgar show Girls, where sex is on demand and abortions are scheduled without a second thought.

How cozy of PPA to want to partner up Lena and Obama again. Obama is indebted to Lena for her hipster endorsement during the campaign, and Lena is indebted to Obama for funding PPA which helps perpetuate the promiscuous culture from where her fans derive. A match made in heaven, I dare say!

(Oh and I did say it. Check out my blogpost from October when Lena Dunham’s ad/endorsement initially appeared.)