A Knight in shining armour

Josue Gauran in Knights of Columbus regalia.
Photo courtesy of Life Site News

Life Site News has written an excellent piece on the brave man who ran to protect pro-life assault victim Faye Arellano this past Sunday in Toronto.  Mr. Josue Gauran, 60,  a Knight of Columbus, is the man who decided to help Arellano. He, too, sustained injuries after Michael Panagapko of Toronto allegedly  attacked Arellano, at one point producing a 6 inch blade, and Guaran who ran to her rescue.

 A new piece of information has come from Life Site News’s latest piece:

“Waving his knife, the attacker shouted racist words: ‘You Filipinos, you want this?’ Gauran recounted.”

Racism, targeted attacks, hate speech, violence, and quashing freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly in Toronto, Canada; welcome to the pro-abortion tactics of 2013, everyone.

Please be sure to check-out Life Site News for the full scoop.