50 Shades of WRONG!

Although I have been away from blogging for the past couple of months, I couldn’t let the occasion of the cinematic premiere of 50 Shades of Grey go without comment. And comment I shall.

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The book cover…

I haven’t read these books, nor do I intend to. I also, don’t intend to see this film. You see, I don’t believe in giving money, time, or energy to anti-woman productions. And yes, that is exactly what this production is about- how to disrespect women. However, between speaking with women (and friends!) who have read this series, and a quick Wikipedia search, I know enough of the plot to make my stomach churn.

This film will be released on Valentine’s Day, and you can bet women are going in droves. I am disgusted. Do these ladies have any self-respect? Or respect for women in general? How does this film promote any positive depiction of relationships, when it centers around a woman being pursued to enter into contract with a man who intends to…well…beat her. And beat her he does. And the audience yells bravo? I don’t get it. How is physical abuse ever something to be heralded? How is preying on a young twenty-something woman a good thing? Is this really contemporary society’s idea of true love and/or romance? I should hope not.

Just Lovely!

…and the fallout.

The author EL James feels the need to pen her erotica, and she has hit the payday in doing so. What is most disturbing to me are the women who are so keen to read the books. I thought the feminist revolution did away with all the objectifying of women etc. etc. Aren’t we taking five steps back if women support this film by going to see it? Like porn in general, this film reduces women to their sexuality and nothing else. Between the very descriptive erotic sexual scenes, I don’t believe there is pause to appreciate the female character’s intelligence, or emotional being. There is no celebration of real love, only lust (the fake love). Come on ladies- don’t you believe you deserve better? Wake up and stop selling yourselves short. Stop buying into a fad culture which objectifies you in a pathetic way.

I hope everyone who contemplates seeing this film does a quick conscience check before they make up their mind. It should go something like this:

1) Am I OK with women being represented for their sexuality only?

2) Would I be OK with my daughter dating a man who propositioned her with a BDSM contract?

3) Does this film benefit me or society as a whole?

4) Does this film help men better respect women?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, save your 15 bucks and buy yourself some Valentine’s chocolates instead. I guarantee they will be easier to digest.